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Transgenics in the news: salmon and pigs

23 Aug

This conversation on PRI’s On Point discusses many issues surrounding transgenic salmon, including biological, conservation, and ethical ones. It presents two good case studies for transgenics.

Biochemistry of digesting transgenes & transgene products

Gene flow, fitness effects of transgene on wild populations

Gene flow, conservation issues and suggested solutions

Transgenics: AquaBounty Salmon and the Enviropig


Yangtze finless porpoise

26 Jul

Science Mag news article:

Case studies from plant breeding?

26 Jul

Hybrid The History and Science of Plant Breeding by Noel Kingsbury University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 2009.

Reviewed in Science:

A plant trait that affects dispersal distance

26 Jul

Moss spores can travel far–if they get several centimeters up into the turbulent air layer. Researchers find that spore capsules in a moss explode with a specific vortex effect, getting the job done. This is a super cool example linking a physical trait to a behavior that affects dispersal. To complete this example, one needs to link dispersal to fitness, and that could depend on environment, demography, and population genetics. If that’s turns out to be simple, this is a great case.

Mosses are also linked to the topic of the evolution of land plants. This trait could be used to explore balancing selection, since early water-dependent moss that dispersed far could hit dry land. Of course, this would also be true today.

Recent understandings into the genetic basis of obesity

26 Jul